This is the Website for The Nissan Cube Owners Club.

A friendly group of folks living and loving the cube life and trying to help those who have imported the cube outside Japan and need help with the little things that garages say are difficult (like changing a rear bulb!)

We hope to post what the group is up to, show reports, how to guides and features on owners cars but we’re new to this so please bear with us!

The club has a facebook group that is a bustling melting pot of cube owners from around the world. If you like to just take a look at what funkyness is being done to cubes around the world subscribe to our instagram.

For more detailed information please check out the reddit page, where you can join and contribute towards a huge amount of information that has been archived from the old forums.

The club has an enormous range of stickers and other merch available on the clubs Redbubble page.

So come on in the waters lovely!




I’ve been a long time fan and owner of lots of different Datsuns and Nissans over the years, I was in the market for a small automatic Japanese car and the Cube popped up in my price range and haven’t looked back since.

I have enjoyed meeting such a great bunch of like minded people. I am passionate about Design and enjoy designing some of the clubs stickers and Merchandise. My Car has been a daily for me over the past few years and has been ultra reliable and always puts a smile on my face.


IMG_2968[1]Terry came to cubes after it became apparent that people wouldn’t approve of him putting the families second child in the boot of their Eunos roadster on the nursery run. A new car needed to be found but moving on from a car as fun as the MX-5 is a tough one…

Then the cube was found! It’s a Gen 3 (Z12) in LDN spec which is one of the rarer forms of a very rare car in the UK. It’s brown velor interior is a site to behold (think 70’s porn set!) but when teamed with the cream leather it’s a lovely place to be!

The cube is lowered by 30mm and has a few of Nissan’s extras but has more aftermarket or Homebrew mods which will have guides written up for them over the time of the site and can all be found in the How to’s section.



Others… and that means you!

Along the way we hope to have articles produced by members from around the world to give an insight into whats Happening in the world of Cube where you live! So if you have an idea for a story, a how to or have been on a meet up and got some pictures and feel like adding a few lines drop James a message on Facebook or directly to the clubs instagram account.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there
    I have a Nissan Cube for sale 60 plate 87200 miles my location is Telford Shropshire
    If anyone is interested sent me an email or call me 07714 864 514


    • Frank I haven’t approved your post as didn’t want to leave your phone number on the website. a better bet might be to advertise it on the Facebook group as it’s closed and your number won’t be out there for all the nuisance calls


    • We have a forum page and a Facebook group both of which I think have links to from the about page. Owning a cube is the first step beyond that it’s just a case of throwing your hat in the ring with us all as we don’t have an official sign up and there is no membership fee!


  2. Hi, I’m Toltec George! I sold Nissans in Connecticut for 8 years. The Cube came to the USA in 2009. In February 2010 after my third accident in my Mercedes ML, I was brushing the snow off of the leftover SL Cube that was soon to be mine and I thought “I could drive that”. I asked the owner if I could take it home overnight. I figured that if it could get out of my snow and ice covered driveway that I would buy it. Well, at first it was struggling and on my third try I remembered what I told my customers with VDC, if your stuck, TURN IT OFF! Sure enough, it drove up the driveway with very little trouble! We’ve been together for just over 7 years and today it just rolled 100,000 miles! I haven’t even had to service the brakes yet! I LOVE this Cube!


  3. Is there a Nissan Cube club in Los Angeles Ca? I’m looking to by a cube SL model only. With fog lights, backup camera and premium wheels. Thanks,Tim


    • Hi Tim,
      Welcome to the world of cube! There isn’t a dedicated arm of the club in Los Angeles but we have members there. Cars most frequently come up for sale from members over in the states through the Facebook group which is linked to through this page. If there isn’t a car locally for sale to you but you want to take a better look and get some more in depth knowledge of what it’s like to be a cube owner I’m sure you’ll find an owner close to you more than willing to give you a look around and give you all the little details a dealer never would!


    • Hi Thom,
      We don’t have a paid membership so consider yourself joined. Most of what we do we use a social media platform of some sort for unfortunately. With spring arriving here in the U.K. and show season just around the corner I hope to have more articles posted on here and the forum is the least social media platform we have however whilst it is used the fact Facebook most people seem to be on Facebook at least once a day the group there by far gets the most traffic of all the clubs outlets. The forum has years of accumulated knowledge on it though so we’ll worth a look.

      Happy Cubing


  4. Hello, I don’t know if this forum is still active but I have an accident CUBIC 2006 Reg for sale. It was a front impact accident so the bumper is crushed. The air bags deployed and the steering is now stiff. The car still drives but would need to be towed away. The rest of the body is fine. Its an automatic. Tyres are less than a year. It has DAB BT Kenwood installed and a Towbar as well. Interior very good. I’d like to sell as is and will accept decent offers


    • The site is still active to a degree! If you want to sell a damaged cube the best person to speak to would be Dan Bell. If you use Facebook look for the club on there and contact him or go direct to first choice car imports.



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