First show of 2018…

So Mayday bank holiday has come and gone and a complete shocker it was sunny… really sunny… hottest on record sunny! As such the first thing that can be said about Japfest Silverstone was that the sunscreen was out in force and so by lunch time was the sunburn!


The club had a decent turn out for the first show of the year which is often plagued by being cold and overcast but lets see what was on offer at Britain’s home of motor racing for a Japanese box lover…

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Those ugly car league tables…

So The cube often pops up in the ugly car league tables, unjustly our readers would have it I think, but the winner is almost always the fiat multipla. In our final history of the cube article we see how bizarrely, like some common ancestor of Apes and Man (ok it took 9 years not 7 million but things happen faster since the industrial revolution!) the cube and multipla could be said to be distant cousins…

surely not

Surely not!?!?!

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Every great car needs a concept!

So we’ve taken a walk down memory lane looking at the history of the cube for our 20th year but we’re going to delve a little deeper now. This is the Nissan Chappo, the 2001 concept car launched at the geneva motor show and the ultimate vision of what the cube was intended to be!

2001_Nissan_Chappo_Concept_design-sketch_01In its artists impression form it is a blend of the Gen 2 and 3 with a square form more rounded at the corners than the Gen 2 but lets take a look at what the built car looked like…

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Cube design journey…. Part 1!

So, we drive them, we love them but did you know the Nissan cube turns 20 in 2018? We’ve got a few events line up where we’ll be having Birthday celebrations but we thought a little look back at how it all came about would be nice. A bit of a dig around the net and having been sent some Goodies by a club friend at Nissan has given us some gems of things to work with. Now lets take a look at how our quirky little boxes came about from these odd inspirational items and the odd number of people who have threatened to quit over not being taken seriously!


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