So the club has a forum that has been running for years and is a wealth of useful info. Got a question or need some help this is the place to head. Click the banner to access!


17 thoughts on “Forum

    • Hi sorry about that, we seem to have this issue occasionally and from my end I have no idea why! It doesn’t seem to be anything we do and doesn’t effect all browsers the same or at the same time. If you try again it will hopefully work.


    • Hi Leo,
      For the gen 3 spare keys are available from Nissan. Not cheap but depending on where you are in the country I believe a few of the clubs tame garages and importers have the ability to reprogram a second hand fob if you can get one.


  1. Hi I own a Nissan Cubic Cube 2003 – just had the MOT done and we need a front catalytic converter. Wondered if anyone has any idea’s of where to get a second hand one? I have tried Nippo so far. Awaiting a call back from them for a price for a new one. Thank you advance


  2. Hi – I’ve been trying to apply for membership on your forum and have filled in all the fields but each time I click the Apply button a small red banner appears above the email field which says “The default role has not been configured.” I’ve no idea what this means but I’ve tried it at different times and in different browsers but the result is the same 😦 How can I apply to join?


    • Hi Jim, Sorry to hear your having trouble. I’ve contacted the person that manages the IT side of the forum and fingers crossed they’ll be able to resolve it for us.


      • Thanks for your reply Reith. Please let me know when this problem has been resolved so I may try again.
        Jim πŸ™‚


    • Yay! Thanks so much Reith for your help – it worked fine this time! I’m not an owner yet, but hopefully I’ll still be approved lol!


      • Try logging into the forum, I took a look earlier and it was set that all member applications had to be reviewed and approved. I approved yours and then changed it back to confirmation email again. Hopefully you’ll have access even though you haven’t had the email!


      • Yay! Thanks Reith – You’re a star! πŸ™‚ It worked (still no confirmation email though it reminded me to follow the instructions in it).


  3. Hmmm… I need to confirm my email address but no email has arrived in my inbox (or spambox)…. Will leave it until tomorrow evening and see if something happens overnight…


  4. Trying to sign up for the forum but apparently the version of CAPTCHA embedded into the sign up page has expired, any chance of a fix?



  5. Sorry about that, Whilst I admin the forum I don’t control the back end but we’ll contact the guy who does ASAP and try to get it back up and running.


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