First of the Gen 2 Guides…. Changing the CVT Gearbox oil

So it’s been asked on the Forum and the facebook group and Philip ‘Obi Wan’ Egan came to the rescue before departing the club with this step by step guide to getting the system flushed. We’ve fleshed it out with Photo’s to make it a bit clearer than just the words so should be easy for everyone to follow.

Many driving issues around odd revving and power delivery are cured by a CVT oil change and as such it’s worth giving a go. Also with few if any of the imports coming over with a service history it’s probably worth doing as soon as you get the car if the importer/ dealer hasn’t done it.

An oil change can be done through the gear box sump but it seems that only changes about half the oil where as Phil’s method gets closer to the full gearbox volume which is 7-8 litres. The oil is stated to be long life and good for 60k miles or so and is Nissan NS-2, I am not aware of any alternatives to this and it’s not cheap requiring 2 bottles to hit the 8 litres but with how rare CVT gear boxes are to replace yours if it goes…. it’s probably a good investment.

Standard disclaimer time –

All work done on your vehicle is undertaken at your own
risk, the writer and Cube owners club accept no liability for any damage or
injury sustained whilst carrying out or as a result of the works described in this
guide. THIS is for the CVT gearbox only not the regular auto and you’ll know if you have a cvt by it saying on the dipstick and having shift buttons on the steering wheel. If in doubt check with someone who will be able to tell you such as a specialist garage or by dropping a Photo on one of the club outlets.

This is described as a 2 person job as one needs to deal with the oil in whilst the other does oil out!

Get cans ready.


Get washing up bowl to catch old fluid ready, two bowls if one not big enough to hold 8 litres!

Remove cvt dipstick – grey loop to left of battery down behind radiator fan.

image3          image4

Put tip of long nozzled funnel into cvt dipstick hole.


Find the cvt oil cooler near driver side behind front bumper to left of number plate
Reach from under bumper – Phil’s was a grill off job as I moved mine higher due to his smooth bumper!


There are hoses clipped each side of the oil cooler – remove one of the pipe clips with pliers and hold hose over bowl.

Now it’s time for the other person to step in! the second person needs to turn the car on – leave it in Park!!

Person 1 can now start pouring in the new fluid while person 2 watches the fluid going into bowl. Person 2 make sure you aim the out flow at the bowl or it goes everywhere!!!

When colour of fluid coming out is same colour as going in then person 2 needs to put the hose back over the cooler pipe and refit the clip over the hose end.

Job done, high five time!

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