Now your going to need some rubber!

In the last post we looked at how to get a wheel to fit the car when changing them and avoiding scrubbing or clashing with suspension. Once you’ve got those perfect rims your going to need some rubber to wrap them and this article once again steps into Robert Langdon’s shoes in a code deciphering jaunt through tyre description…


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Nissan Cube Owners Club YouTube goes live!!!

So we’re not sure how much content is going to go live through this media outlet but the first Nissan Cube Owners club video is going live! check it out below…

let us know what you think and hopefully we’ll be able to do some more as with all these things practice makes perfect and you can see from this….

We definitely need practice!!!!!!

reith sign off

So that elusive Buyers Guide….

For a while now we’ve been  meaning to sort a buyers guide for the cube as folks often pop up on the forum or Facebook group and say they are going to look at a cube but what key items are specific to look for when viewing a cube to buy! Well off the back of the spot the differences article here we go with what to keep an eye out for when buying a gen 2.

Auction cubes

Cubes rolling through the auctions in Japan!

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Struggling to open the back doors….

So the being unable to open the back door of a gen 3 and being an MOT fail reared it’s ugly head on the face book group recently and after I gave a quick write up David Joy ran with my words and got his car working again. As a bonus he took my words and added a whole heap of Photos and produced a write up bolstering my descriptions where he felt useful.


So lets see how it’s done…..

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