Feature Car – The one in that Photo!

So, there is a picture of a cube that pops up with great regularity on the facebook group as new members stumble across it of a good looking cube (although it probably has more to do with the pretty lady!) and so I went on a hunt for the owner to bring you a featured car…



I found the owner after a bit of a hunt as the car doesn’t look like that anymore, in fact it’s looked a completely different car many times over the 3 years the owner has had it. In fact in that 3 years it has been a wild ride for what was originally a nice but fairly stock looking Impul cube. The proud owner of which is Shane Anderson from Sydney Australia!

Shane came to the cube from a Holden, now to me in the UK all I know of Holden is that it’s basically Vauxhall but they build Utes with crazy engines and let Vauxhall rebadge one of their cars as the Monaro. Shanes however was none of these and looked very cool indeed, it’s an EH Wagon and he straight swapped it for the cube which was listed at 15k AU$.

IMG_3452 IMG_3451

So those of you that see a lot of cubes may have noticed that an Impul Cube isn’t that low as standard and Shane was lucky in finding that before it left Japan the cube had been fitted with a set of HKS coilovers a bonus in anyone’s books and a great start for producing a cool looking car. Unfortunately the Impul’s time with a supercharger was short lived as the Australian car laws being quite strict meant that within the first year of ownership the supercharger came out and Shane had swapped in a standard power plant. It was apparently quite tatty inside so the original seats went to the dump to be replaced by a set of bride lowmax fixed backs and he wrapped the inside trim with camo! Then the exterior transformations began!


Firstly it went to this…

IMG_3450 IMG_3446

Then this…


And it was in this guise that the shot that led me to hunt for Shane was taken. It came about through Shane’s Car being chosen as one of 50 cars in Australia to be brought together for a shoot with Janis True a model who is fairly big in car circles and had been brought over from the states.

IMG_3437 IMG_3436

Oh then another cube joined the fold when liking the car so much Shane picked one up for his wife!


The cube then went through another colour change, Shane says all his friends thought he was minted as he had a new cube every few months! I have to say I winced at the thought of what it cost him in vinyl but am assured that coming direct from the suppliers the vinyl is reasonably priced (between £2 and £6 per m2 which is really reasonable for branded vinyl) and with the cube being square he applies it himself as it’s easy on the slab shapes. Low cost and being able to DIY is good as the cube has again changed via this…


To this which is its current look, for now!


IMG_3440 IMG_3439 IMG_3441

Along the way it’s picked up various awards winning both best custom and best in show more than once as well as being featured in magazines, it seems the Australian car crowd respect something a little different from the norm! That leads Shane to also being invited to car shows for VIP entry which is always nice and Shane is very modest about.

I was surprised to see Shane put the car up for sale recently but in speaking to him that isn’t happening anymore as the pressures that had him looking to sell have passed and he’s now got big plans for the car beyond changing the colour to match this seasons Fashions!

His first task is getting a T25 Garrett turbo from the Nissan 180 sx plumbed into the engine and wiring it all up to a Haltech Platinum pro Ecuador. It will all be safe tuned to run at 5psi (I’ve seen the guys in Thailand push to double digits but also seen the devastation left behind when it goes wrong so think Shane is doing the right thing!) and a turbo’d cube is always a fun thing as a you don’t get much more sleeper than a flying toaster!


Beyond that the biggest change to the outside will hopefully come if his discussions with L.B WORKS come off and they run with the car for the production of a one of a kind Liberty Walk wide body kit. I have told Shane that if it happens and he does sell I may have to ship it to the UK!

So if this has wet your appetite for seeing more progress for this ever changing cube you can follow Shane’s activities on instagram under the user name GANKASFUK. You can also see what Shane is up to on the various Australian Cube groups on facebook and we’ll be following his antics here on the website.

3 thoughts on “Feature Car – The one in that Photo!

    • It’s a challenge you have to live with! I know of one owner in London who has a specific “long way round” route to visit relatives just to avoid roads with speed bumps!


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