Japfest 2016

This weekend saw the the UK section of the cube owners club attend Japfest 2016, this year relocated to the Silverstone race circuit in Northamptonshire.



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So we had a great time at Japfest 2016 and its new home of Silverstone was a definite improvement over Castle Combe. There were thoughts a shift to another big track could have it end up like rockingham with grandstands being shut and views of the track limited but this didn’t happen with various seating areas being open to the public and the disabled viewing area at the Luffield corner giving a greta view of the drifting. If you have the chance to get down next year it is likely to be worth the effort.

Following a last minute change of meeting location (a sudden realisation we’d have to queue twice to meet and then get in!) had everyone meet at the local Tesco’s. All that was except Your Admin Reithryll who’s alarm didn’t go off and was making a late dash from Derby and would eventually meet us at the venue!


Always an early morning queue!

It was good to catch up with all the old crowd but as always it was great to see a batch of new faces, one of which had only had his car a matter of days and in that time already got it lowered which shows dedication to the cause! Seriously good going Dean and look forward to seeing it when you go for the banded steelies.


In total there were 10 cars on the stand , 5 gen 2’s and 5 gen 3’s which isn’t a bad turn out and a nice mix of cars every one being individual and offering something different to look at for visitors.


Gen 2’s ignoring the line!


Gen 3’s keeping it level!

Out and about around the show ground there is always something to tickle everyone’s fancy. From an E-type Jaguar that had been engine swapped with the 1JZ engine from a toyota supra, through that most famously classic Japanese Automobile the AE86 to those funky little Kei cars like the Honda Beat.


Supra powered E-type anyone? – Photo by house_of_logos


The tofu Delivery driver dropped by


The Retrofest stand had some real rarities – Photo by welovecarshows

We even stumble across an old club car that had been toned down a touch but still looked great. Now owned by Ryan he’ll be joining the club stand for JF2


Haven’t we met before…. you look very familiar?


Then to top of the days frivolities it was Austin’s Birthday, as such it only seemed right that the club got him a cake.




That man doesn’t want anyone to know!

As the day wound down and people drifted away a few boxy friends made their way over to join us for a photo opportunity. Chatting with the BB owners was great and their cars were really nicely finished.


Trying to blend in with the crowd!


Boxlife buddies together!

All in all it was a good day out and we’re looking forwards to next year.


Bonus shots from the day…


Gary’s Cube (the stealth member)


Drift action on track


Club car track sessions.


Update on this will be coming soon!

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