i started looking at cubes on ebay a good few years ago but ended up buying a 3.9 ltr v8 land rover discovery. after about 18 months i just about got fed up with filling it wtith £100 of fuel at a time and it getting me nowhere .so i sold it and went back to looking at cubes ,mine is a bz11 1.5 cvt model that i bought from c.i.d. in Bristol ,its about as practical a discovery but much better on fuel .since i have owned  it i have fitted new larger wheels ,coilovers,seat covers strut brace,stainless exhaust etc etc,and as you can see from the pics above new bumpers ,wing,and side skirts and i still have a few more mods i would like  to do ,since phil left the club i have been organizing our club  events  and intend to in 2016 at least !




This was the finish on the roof of my cube no matter how much hand polishing I did it was staying that way ,after a few recommendations I ditched the high street quality cleaning products and went and saw don at dodo juice and had a bit of a spend up on their products ,he talked me through everything I would need and how to get the best results

I was impressed with the improvements but that roof was still bugging me, I knew that dodo juice did a machine polisher so I went back to see don (their head quarters is only a half hour drive from me) and he recommended the spin doctor 2 and gave my a demonstration on how to use it ,I then had a practice on the bonnet of my work van before going near the cube with it


with this small 70mm head it fits nicely between the roof ridges and because of the soft paint on the cube you need only use dodo juice prep polish with the soft red sponge


its not quick the roof took me about 4 hrs to polish but it is safe as long as you have a steady hand, and  flatter surfaces are quicker as you can use the larger sponge.


you can see here the area I have polished up to ,

As this was the first time I’ve done this  I am not going to do a major “how to” but on youtube there is a guy called junkman who pretty much covers all there is to know about detailing cars