Merchandising is a GO!

So, the club has had a few requests for merchandising and in the past limited runs of things like T-shirts had been arranged as well as stickers and mugs.

Trouble was that due to the limited numbers we ordered we were always limited with what could be done, how many colours could be available (usually only one!) and if a minimum order had to be made someone was left holding stock for a while that wasn’t ever guaranteed to sell.

As such we’ve decided to take a new route with it all and see if it works a bit better…

We’re also hoping that it opens up international members to being able to get products easier than us having to post them out which makes things expensive with import taxes and shipping rates! Our mechanism for this new adventure is REDBUBBLE, the on-line artist retailer, who prints designs onto all-sorts of products and ships direct passing a small amount back to the designer. They deal with all the printing, shipping and handling of orders and offer a ‘one of’ service. This means that if you want a Phone case, T-shirt and travel cup in different designs and colours you can as they will get it all manufactured for you and sent direct to you from the closest product manufacturer for that type. Hopefully meaning it will arrive sooner than us doing it all from here in the UK!

This is all a big step into the unknown for us and we hope it works out and you are all happy with what you get. It would be great to hear your feedback as well on what’s great or what sucks about this so we can try to tailor the offerings to what you want.

Our first 2 designs are below but we hope to add to them and explore what is possible with the more specialised garments as we go along, so watch this space…

First 2 designs


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