Toys in the engine bay?

So the club are famous on the show circuit for having a certain children’s toy tucked away under the bonnet…

Here’s how it’s done and to be fair it is a fairly easy task. 

You should find it pretty hard to do any damage with this but as always Nissan cube owners club or its organisers take no responsibility for any damage caused by you doing this mod.

So your go into need, a 4 dot Lego storage box and something to cut it with. I used a dremel (any rotary cutting tool will work!) but I’d guess if your careful a Stanley knife or even a pair of safety scissors would cut the plastic as it’s not the hardest of plastics.

So start with your box, take off the top, then skip this bit!

Or leave it in the garage and use it as a bin!

Now to make the all important cut, you need to cut out the side of the box so as it will pass over the positive terminal fuse holder. The area to cut out is 70mm from what will be the back of the box and 60mm wide. It’s depth from the bottom of the box is 135mm and this should let it sit neatly over the battery.

One cut lego box!

Now if you like you can trim the edge of the cut or box with some v trim available from eBay. I haven’t but I’m led to believe it can stop the box from warping.

To install the box you may need to remove the zip tie that holds the negative battery cable in place and spin the clamp round so it points towards the back rather than to the side.

Once that’s all done it’s a case of either slide it in (you have to slot it between the air filter, the front fuse box, intake pipe and the side fuse board at least and in my case also jiggle it under the Sturt brace!) and admire your handywork!
On a side note I’ve now got a kindle fire (the kids nicked our iPad and there is no chance f getting it back!) and this article was written and photographed on it as I went. Hopefully it will mean I can throw together more articles for the site but let me know what you think as whilst it looks fine in the editor I’d be interested to know what others think.

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