i started looking at cubes on ebay a good few years ago but ended up buying a 3.9 ltr v8 land rover discovery. after about 18 months i just about got fed up with filling it wtith £100 of fuel at a time and it getting me nowhere .so i sold it and went back to looking at cubes ,mine is a bz11 1.5 cvt model that i bought from c.i.d. in Bristol ,its about as practical a discovery but much better on fuel .since i have owned  it i have fitted new larger wheels ,coilovers,seat covers strut brace,stainless exhaust etc etc,and as you can see from the pics above new bumpers ,wing,and side skirts and i still have a few more mods i would like  to do ,since phil left the club i have been organizing our club  events  and intend to in 2016 at least !


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