japfest2 2015 rockingham august 16th


so everyone seemed to have a great day and we managed to get 9 cubes to attend although we all thought the pitch was a bit tight for space especially considering it was supposed to be big enough for 10 cars.

the weather was OK ,mostly overcast but warm with no wind so no complaints there.

it was nice to see a few less imprezas and civics like you get at japfest 1 and it was cool to see some cars I’ve never seen at the shows before.

highlight of the show for me was this:-


i have never seen a gen 1 cube in the metal before and we managed to find the owner and give a sticker and chat to him about joining us on the club stand in the future

here are a few more cars that caught my eye on the day:-


Autozam carol


Diahatsu mira


Toyota starlet


Isuzu piazza

don’t know why the venue changed from donnington but i felt rockingham was decent enough and its closer to my house so it gets my vote

i’m glad we were nowhere near the drifting as a few of the cars near by got covered with rubber

so look forward to going again next year and hopefully we can get even more cubes on the stand

Dan taylors pics:-

Facebook-20150819-102808 Facebook-20150819-102821 Facebook-20150819-102831 Facebook-20150819-102848 Facebook-20150819-102904 Facebook-20150819-102922 Facebook-20150819-102937Facebook-20150819-102950 Facebook-20150819-103000 Facebook-20150819-103014 Facebook-20150819-103025 Facebook-20150819-103033

thanks for those Dan


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