First of the Gen 2 Guides…. Changing the CVT Gearbox oil

So it’s been asked on the Forum and the facebook group and Philip ‘Obi Wan’ Egan came to the rescue before departing the club with this step by step guide to getting the system flushed. We’ve fleshed it out with Photo’s to make it a bit clearer than just the words so should be easy for everyone to follow.

Many driving issues around odd revving and power delivery are cured by a CVT oil change and as such it’s worth giving a go. Also with few if any of the imports coming over with a service history it’s probably worth doing as soon as you get the car if the importer/ dealer hasn’t done it.

An oil change can be done through the gear box sump but it seems that only changes about half the oil where as Phil’s method gets closer to the full gearbox volume which is 7-8 litres. The oil is stated to be long life and good for 60k miles or so and is Nissan NS-2, I am not aware of any alternatives to this and it’s not cheap requiring 2 bottles to hit the 8 litres but with how rare CVT gear boxes are to replace yours if it goes…. it’s probably a good investment.

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i started looking at cubes on ebay a good few years ago but ended up buying a 3.9 ltr v8 land rover discovery. after about 18 months i just about got fed up with filling it wtith £100 of fuel at a time and it getting me nowhere .so i sold it and went back to looking at cubes ,mine is a bz11 1.5 cvt model that i bought from c.i.d. in Bristol ,its about as practical a discovery but much better on fuel .since i have owned  it i have fitted new larger wheels ,coilovers,seat covers strut brace,stainless exhaust etc etc,and as you can see from the pics above new bumpers ,wing,and side skirts and i still have a few more mods i would like  to do ,since phil left the club i have been organizing our club  events  and intend to in 2016 at least !